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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Content

You will need to provide:

  • your logo (if you have no logo we use a simple font or you can add a Branding package)
  • your contact details:
    • phone number
    • email address
    • business operating times
    • social media links
  • a list of your services
  • photographs relevant to your business
  • any current reviews or links to your Google reviews page

Yes, if you have good quality photos we can use them. They can be emailed to us or messaged via WhatsApp.

If you are unable to provide high quality photographs for your website we will use licensed stock images from Adobe. This is to ensure you won’t get issued with a take down notice or a fine in the future by using free images found on the internet. Each package and tier has a set limit of stock images – if your website requires more, this can be additionally purchased. Please note that the license use for images only applies to your website not other marketing materials.

We offer an images upgrade as one of our Branding packages if you require bespoke graphics or illustrations.

If you are adding your own images we strongly urge you to use caution with free image sites. Our recommendation is to not to use images found on free sites.

If you are using images created with Canva make sure you modify that image so that it becomes unique to you, your company or your brand. We always recommend you read Canva’s usage terms.

After your content meeting you will have a list of written content that you need for your website pages. This can be provided by you, a third party you commission or we have a content writing package addon available.

Ideally we recommend that you have had keyword research done for your business or organisation as this will support the development of your content both in your website and your marketing.

If you don’t have the budget for content writing we will use AI writing tools to populate your website pages based upon your niche but we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this process. 

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

We build all websites using good technical SEO practices so that search engines can crawl your website content effectively.

We provide SEO and keyword research packages available as an addon. 

Disclaimer: Without in-depth keyword research, good written content and continuous SEO content monitoring we cannot guarantee that your website will be found for the search terms that you require.

We add your website to our Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster for URL monitoring for the duration of your maintenance plan. This ensures that your website is found and indexed by Google and Bing. 

We also install an independent analytics plugin on your website, that doesn’t use Google tracking cookies, which will give you an overview of your website traffic.

Google Analytics tracking relies on Cookies being ‘allowed’ by the website visitor, the analytics plugin we install only tracks your website usage not the visitor data.

We don’t currently provide Google Analytics services but we can install tracking codes for you or a third party to monitor.

We include the following policies on all websites:

  • Privacy Policy

    Ideally you will provide this but it can be created with an online generator and information from you about your data processing and storage.

  • Cookie Policy

    We will create this if any type of tracking is used on your website.

We recommend the following policies for service providers and ecommerce:

  • Terms and Conditions

    Required if you provide any type of service or product. This has to be provided by you, we can provide links to online generators though we recommend getting legal advice to create these.

  • Returns and Refunds Policy

    Provided by you

For ecommerce websites you may also require:

  • Shipping / Delivery Policy

    Provided by you

Domain, SSL and Email

No, we recommend that you purchase your own domain so that it always belongs to you.

We have a list of preferred domain providers that we can send you and we will need access to your domain provider initially to set up your hosting.

We can help you set this up if you are having problems.

Make sure your domain is set up for automatic renewal to avoid any downtime should a payment be missed.

Perfect, we just need to be able to login and point your domain to our hosting.

Make sure your domain is set up for automatic renewal to avoid any downtime should a payment be missed.

SSL = Secure Sockets Layer

SSL certificates tell your browser that your website is safe to view. This means that your website content is served via https (secure – with the padlock icon). 

If you have any content on your website served via http then the browser will flag up that your website is unsecure, and block access to view your website. This can sometimes happen if images are uploaded to your website before your SSL certificate has been installed.

All our websites have an SSL installed as standard as part of your website build.

We don’t currently provide email. Email attached to your website hosting can slow down your website so we prefer to focus on website builds and maintenance. 

Your domain provider may offer email services.

Hosting & Maintenance

Your website will be hosted with us and as part of your Hosting & Maintenance we will work to keep your website secure, plugins updated and daily backups taken.

We only build and maintain in our hosting environment. That way we can easily monitor and troubleshoot in an environment that we know we have set up.

Our website package prices are based upon signing up for our Hosting & Maintenance for a minimum of 12 months.

If after 12 months you wish to move hosting you can either use our migration service or we will send you the files for you to organise the migration.

If there are paid licenses associated with your website install you will be responsible for them once the website has been transferred. This will be detailed in your Website Owners Manual that we provide once your website is complete.

Updates, Security Monitoring and Backups

We monitor your website and WordPress news feeds for any security issues with plugins. As a rule we update once a week, unless there are specific security alerts for a plugin or Theme, then we update as soon as possible.

If we are aware of known conflicts between plugins we will wait until a safe patch has been released before we update.  

WordPress Builders

We build our websites in WordPress with either Elementor Pro, Bricks or WordPress native themes. We have developer licenses for Elementor Pro and Bricks. When you are on our maintenance plan these licenses will be included.

If you transfer away from our hosting and maintenance plan then you will be responsible for acquiring and renewing your own licenses.


We often use plugins that offer increased functions for your website. Some of these plugins that we have a developer license for will be included.

If your website requires a licensed plugin (that we don’t have a license for) you will need to purchase and renew the license.

If you transfer away from our hosting and maintenance plan then you will be responsible for acquiring and renewing your own licenses.


Errors and problems related to functions, security and updates are covered by your Hosting & Maintenance plan. 

Support for:

  • Problems caused by your error
  • Poor quality images
  • Content mis-management: accidental deletion of content/images
  • Administration of users (unless security related)

Content Management

Once your website is built and live you are responsible for adding and managing content.

We offer content management packages if you require ongoing support with adding/uploading content, and administering your website and users.

Packages & Billing

We will send you an invoice for either the full amount or a deposit instalment. Once this is paid we will schedule your website kick off meeting – either via Zoom call or in person at our office in Holmfirth.

For our Basic tier packages we require one full payment. For our Standard and Premium tier packages we can split payment into one or two instalments. Your website will not go live until full payment has been received.

We will set you up on a payment plan through either:

  • Stripe


    Paid with either credit or debit card. We will send you a link to sign up for your payment plan.

  • GoCardless


    Paid via Direct Debit. We will send you a link to sign up for your payment plan.

We do not accept standing orders or pay as you go invoicing for this service.

The website package price is based upon a specific website set up.

If you find you need other pages or additional functions you can select add-on packages.

Anything outside the scope of our packages can be quoted for upon request.,uk

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